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2016 Capital Project Sales Tax

Post Date:09/18/2015 10:14 AM

Capital Project Sales Tax Proposals

Sponsorship by Newberry County Council

Submission Deadline: October 30, 2015 @ 5:00 PM


The capital project sales tax (“CPST”) is a “penny” sales tax that was first approved by Newberry County voters in 1998.  It has been in effect continuously since that time, having been renewed by the voters in 2004 and 2010.  For much of two decades, the CPST has been an ongoing source of funding for many valuable improvements in Newberry County, including those pertaining to fire protection, water and sewer infrastructure, technical education, libraries, and recreation.


Newberry County Council is one of several entities qualified under state law to propose projects to Newberry County’s Capital Project Sales Tax Commission for possible inclusion in the 2016 general election ballot question. (The other qualified entities include municipalities within the county, the Newberry County Water and Sewer Authority, and, for projects undertaken in conjunction with another qualified entity, the Newberry County School District.)  The CPST Commission, in its sole discretion, determines which projects from among those recommended by the qualifying entities will appear on the ballot; provided that, the projects must be of the types specified in Code Section 4-10-330 (A)(1) of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, as amended. 


It is up to each qualifying entity to establish its own criteria for accepting and recommending project proposals to the Commission.  For Newberry County Council, county ownership, post-completion operations and maintenance costs, the prioritization of limited funding, and the fulfillment of Council’s service delivery objectives are all considerations in this regard.  Additionally, because supplying the Commission with accurate cost figures for the ballot question is extremely important, County Council requires that all proposals recommended by the County to the Commission first be subjected to thorough cost estimation by a firm, or firms, qualified to perform such cost estimations; this service will be provided at the County’s expense for select County-identified projects. 


If you or your organization is interested in seeking Council’s recommendation to the CPST Commission for a project that qualifies under the aforementioned state statute, please contact Karen Brehmer, Assistant to the Newberry County Administrator, by phone at (803) 321-2100, or by email at  She will provide you with the required Notice of Intent form, which you may also find at ( Notices of Intent must be received no later than 5:00 PM on October 30, 2015 at the address below.  Other requirements apply.



                                                Newberry County CPST

                                                Attn: Karen Brehmer

                                                PO Box 156

                                                1309 College Street

                                                Newberry, SC 29108


Not all proposals will receive cost estimations.  Resources for this service are limited.  Not all proposals will be recommended to the CPST Commission.  Newberry County reserves the right not to estimate project costs and/or not to recommend project to the CPST Commission, based on its sole discretion.  Notices of Intent must be forwarded via regular mail or hand delivered.  Neither emailed nor late proposals will be accepted.  Persons or organizations interested in sponsorship by other entities qualified to submit projects to the CPST Commission should contact those entities directly.

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