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Single-Stream Recycling Coming to Silversteet and Chappells Recycling & Collection Centers on 7/19/2016

Post Date:07/18/2016 10:00 AM

Newberry County has begun its conversion to single-stream recycling. Stay tuned to this site to learn when the recycling center nearest to you will be changing over. Single-stream eliminates much of the sorting work from recycling by allowing the most commonly recycled items to be placed together in a single compactor bin.  (Go to to see what items are accepted in single-stream recycling.)  When the recycling compactor is full, it is hauled to a materials recovery facility where the various recycled commodities are cleaned and packaged for re-use by manufacturers who will give these materials another useful life.  The single-stream compactors will bear a distinct color – a bright lime green – to avoid confusion with the regular compactors whose contents are hauled to a landfill.  Putting more into the lime green compactors and less into the waste compactors saves resources and lowers the cost of managing our solid waste system.

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