APRIL 30, 2008



The Newberry County Council met on Wednesday, April 30, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at the Courthouse Annex, 1309 College Street, Newberry, SC, for a budget work session.   


Present were:            Henry B. Summer, Chairman

                        William D. Waldrop, Vice-Chairman

                        John E. Caldwell, Councilman

                        Mike Hawkins, Councilman

                        John David Dawkins, Councilman 

                        Edgar Baker, Councilman

                        Henry H. Livingston, III, Councilman

                        Wayne Adams, County Administrator

                        Gary T. Pope, County Attorney

                        Susan C. Fellers, Clerk to Council

                        Debbie S. Cromer, Finance Director


Press:               Cindy Pitts, The Newberry Observer

                        Heather Hawkins, WKDK


Notice of the meeting was duly advertised as required by law.


Mr. Summer called the meeting to order and determined a quorum to be present.


Mr. Baker had the invocation. 


1.            Additions, Deletions and Adoption of Agenda.


There being no amendments to the agenda, Mr. Caldwell moved to adopt the agenda as presented; second by Mr. Baker.  Vote was unanimous.


2.            Discussion of improvements to Emergency Services Radio Communications.


The following persons spoke with Council regarding the emergency services radio communications:  Travis Kinard, Kinard Control Systems; David Andrews, Chairman, Newberry County Board of Rescue Squads; Bill Grigsby, Director, Newberry County EMS; Chief Jerry Wright, Newberry County Sheriff’s Department; John Pollard, Chairman, Newberry County Board of Rural Fire Control, and Wesley Boland, Newberry County Sheriff’s Department.


Mr. Kinard recommended a single site system because it would require less maintenance and would cause fewer problems.  He did recommend having a spare transmitter as a back up.  He also recommended that the County hire a consultant to study the radio needs and make a recommendation.  Other persons who spoke also concurred with his recommendation to hire a consultant.  


Mr. Andrews requested an additional channel to the system to avoid overloading the system.


The consensus of Council was for the County Administrator to contact a consultant and start the process for the study.


3.            Discussion of Rescue Squad Funding/Capital Budgeting Requests.


Mr. Dawkins moved that the County Administrator work with the Board of Rescue Squads and the new Emergency Services Coordinator as to how to split the $105,000 in the budget for capital needs; second by Mr. Baker.  Vote was unanimous.


4.            Discussion of Request for Increase in EMS Staffing From Twelve to Twenty-Four Hours in Southern Portion of Newberry County (Fairview Station)


The following persons spoke in support of the increased EMS staffing at the Fairview Station:  Lynn Beasley, President CEO, Newberry County Memorial Hospital; Bill Grigsby, Director, Newberry County EMS; Brent Connelly, Chairman, Newberry County Memorial Hospital Board; Dr. Ron Price, Newberry County Memorial Hospital; Dr. Alan Paysinger, and Shelton Bontreger, Chief Financial Officer of Newberry County Memorial Hospital.  No action taken.


The hospital also requested permission to purchase 3 12 Lead EKGs from the current budget.  Mr. Dawkins moved to allow the hospital to purchase 3 12 Lead EKGs from the current year’s budget; second by Mr. Livingston.  Vote was unanimous.


Four additional 12 Lead EKGs are in the proposed fiscal year 2008-2009 budget.


5.            Discussion of Anticipated Fuel Cost Increases in FY 08-09.


Mr. Adams advised that the proposed fuel budget for fiscal year 2008-2009 has been revised and increased by 10%, or $51,900, with the funding to come from the following sources: 


Department                              Line Item                             Description                   Amount


Public Works                           010-010-08100-03241              Interchange Mulch            $30,000

Workers’ Comp Ins.                    Various Line Items                    Premiums                    $21,900


Workers’ Compensation Insurance was over funded in the administrator’s draft by $63,140, based on estimates received within the past week.


6.            Discussion of Administrative Costs for J.F. Hawkins/Springfield Place Enterprise Fund.


Les Parks, Administrator, J.F. Hawkins/Springfield Place, explained the items included in administrative costs of $2,205,256 (copy attached). 


Other persons attending from J.F.  Hawkins/Springfield Place included:  Kathy Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer; Glenn Wicker, Chief Financial Officer; and Ed Kyzer, Marketing Director.


7.            Discussion of funding of Clemson Extension 4-H Agent.


Per request of Mr. Waldrop at the last work session, Gary Spires was invited to attend this meeting but could not attend due to other business.


Darren Atkins, Clemson Extension, requested Council’s consideration of funding of a 4-H agent for Newberry County.


Bennie Bennett, Superintendent, Newberry County Schools, advised he would take this matter before his Board for consideration of any financial help with the salary of the 4-H agent.


Other persons speaking in support of a 4-H agent were:  Boyd Parr, President of Newberry County Farm Bureau, and Larry Dehart.


8.            Discussion of continued funding of maintenance of I-26 and Highway 219 Interchange.


Mr. Adams advised that the Sheriff will provide inmate labor to spread the mulch and recommended that County Council continue with this project at the present time.


9.         Report from County Attorney on Water Infiltration Prevention Contracts for Basement of Courthouse.


Mr. Pope provided a handout to Council (no copy for the permanent record).  He recommended that the County seek professional advice on how to connect the joint so it won’t blow out and thinks this will solve the flooding problem in the basement of the courthouse.  In case of another leak, he recommended not having carpet in the basement, thereby preventing the growth of mold.


10.            General Discussion/Additional Questions as to Proposed Budget for FY 08-09.


Council requested that Gerdi Lake, Recreation Director, be invited to the next budget work session to give an update on what is being done as far as recreation in Newberry County.


11.       Public Comments.


No public comments.


12.            Adjournment.


Prior to adjournment, Council scheduled a budget work session for Wednesday, May 14, 2008, at 7:00 p.m.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.



                                                                        NEWBERRY COUNTY COUNCIL




                                                                        Henry B. Summer, Chairman




                                                                        Susan C. Fellers, Clerk to Council



APPROVED:            May 7, 2008