Newberry Community Hall

 Old Courthouse - On the Square: This was Newberry's fourth Courthouse on the public square. It was designed by Jacob Graves circa 1851 and replaced an earlier building by Robert Mills. In 1908, a new Courthouse was constructed on College Street. The Old Courthouse is now used as the Community Hall and Chamber of Commerce. The bas-relief in the pediment was added by Osborne Wells in 1876. In an allegorical representation of the "Scales of Justice," the American eagle (the Federal Government) grasps an uprooted Palmetto tree (South Carolina) in an attempt to balance a gamecock (the still-defiant citizens) and a dove with an olive branch (peace).

The Public Lounge, which also serves as the Newberry Visitors Center, is entered from the Main Street side of the Old Courthouse. Around 1916, Mary Ann Butler Evans founded the Public Lounge to serve the need for public restrooms and provide a gathering place for women and children who had to come to town with the men to do business. It is perhaps the oldest of its type in the country.

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