Karen Lindler


  Karen Lindler Smith
  Newberry County Treasurer
1400 Martin Street
  Newberry, South Carolina 29108
  Phone-(803)-321-2130 Fax (803)-321-2131
  Office Hours 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Friday




As an elected official the Treasurer is responsible for mailing tax notices, collecting all revenues for the County, its entities and the municipalities within the boundaries of Newberry County. This includes current and delinquent real estate taxes, personal taxes, motor vehicle taxes and other revenues for County Departments, including a waste disposal fee, and renewal license fees on motor vehicles for the state of South Carolina. Detailed records are kept, maintained, and balanced, for these revenues and disbursed to County Government and its entities, the County School District, Municipalities and special projects according to levy, local ordinances and SC laws. Any revenues not needed for immediate disbursement, are invested to yield the highest interest possible. The Treasurer’s Office also generates refund checks to tax payers for various reasons that are determined by the Assessor or Auditor, provides tax information to the public and legal professionals, provides County Officials and Independent Auditors for the Entities and Municipalities with the monetary figures required to carry out their duties, and submits reports to the various State Offices. It is essential to be involved with the latest legislative issues and attend workshops and seminars pertinent to the laws and issues pertaining to the Treasurer’s Office. The best interest of the Newberry County Citizens must be kept in mind at all times.


Specific functions of Office of Newberry County Treasurer

 Collect and receipt all taxes for the County (current and delinquent real estate, vehicles, personal).

  · Collect DMV for Department of Safety.

  · Collect and receipt the waste disposal fee for Newberry County.

  · Collect taxes for all municipalities in Newberry County.

  · Receipt all revenues collected for Newberry County, its entities, all departments for Newberry County, and the Newberry School District.

  · Balance cash drawers daily.

  · Make bank Deposits.

  · Generate checks for the Newberry County School District; all entities and departments for Newberry County.

  · Process and enter all tax data and revenue data in the computer.

  · Provide public information to abstractors, lawyers and all researchers pertaining to taxes.

  · Mail all tax notices..

  · Go to banks several times a day.

  · Fill out forms for bulk tax mailings, apply postage to daily mail and take mail to the Post Office.

  · Correspond with customers by mail, telephone and fax.

  · Process computerized refund checks

  · Process and type checks for other departments and the school district.

  · Generate reports and balance monies received each day.

  · Write letters and prepare forms for magistrate to collect bad checks.

  · Order supplies.

  · Balance and send DMV fees to the Department of Safety.

  · Balance recording fees with the Clerk of Court and remit the state portion to the department of Revenue.

  · Prepare records for short term or permanent storage.

  · Secure sufficient amounts of change to operate office efficiently.

  · Balance bank statements.

  · Generate and balance monthly reports such as apportionment reports, general ledger and trial balance.

  · Distribute County revenues according to levy.

  · Receive all state monies for Newberry County

  · Make bond payments.

  · Prepare forms and remit money collected by Magistrates and Clerk of Court to the various State Agencies.

  · Closeout current real estate and turn over to the Delinquent Tax Collector each year.

  · Close out General Ledger and prepare accounts and account numbers for upcoming year.

  · Assist the outside Auditor with County Audit.

  · Supply information to County Officials and help to prepare budget for the upcoming year.

  · Generate monthly reports to the School District and County Administrator.

  · Serve as a member of the Jury Commission and the Forfeited Land Commission.

  · Co-ordinate with the County Auditor annually in determining revenues from taxes needed to pay bond principal and interest on both County and School Bond Issues.

  · Compile, along with the Auditor, reimbursement requests for Homestead Exemption, Residential Exemption, and Manufacturers Exemption Programs, and receive and disburse funds to the proper governmental entities for these programs.

  · Assist in preparation of annual school budget.

  · Assist Municipalities and School District with data in preparation of annual CAFR’S.

  · Disburse Firemen’s Funds in accordance to State Law.

  · Assist Bond Attorneys in the preparation of pending bond issues.

  · Disburse Fee In Lieu of Tax monies, Tax Increment Finance monies and Merchants Inventory monies.

  · File abstracts and annual reports with Comptroller General.



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