Newberry County Recreation Department        

Main Contact Information:


Jessie Long, Director of Sports Programming & Administration


Wilbur McNeil, Director of Parks & Facilities Maintenance


Mission Statement

The Newberry County Recreation Department strives to provide affordable, quality programs meeting the needs of the community. We are committed to providing quality recreational services, which are educational, fun and rewarding. The Recreation Department promotes participation by all Newberry County citizens in diverse, interesting and high quality recreational and leisure opportunities in safe, accessible and well-maintained Recreation facilities.


The department offers a variety of adult and youth classes for participants of all abilities. Program offerings include passive and active programs, special events, and league activities in a safe and learning environment. Many programs are offered in collaboration with local Organizations and with other County departments in order to meet customer demand and minimize the cost.

The Recreation department staff are dedicated, flexible and customer focused. They are constantly evaluating and assessing the programs to assure that programs are safe, of the highest quality and meet customer needs. In order to find the right volunteers and attract the widest number of participants, the Department staff uses technology to effectively communicate, recruit, and market itself. In their work , staff demonstrate that they enjoy their work and have fun! The Recreation Department is a creative, growing , and vital part of our county.

Description of Services

The Newberry County Recreation Department is where residents and non residents can participate in year-round, unique , quality programs for a healthy life style. Led by excellent, qualified instructors, these programs offer participants affordable opportunities for a wide variety of passive and active recreation.The goal of the Recreation Department is to provide recreational facilities and programs for Newberry County residents. The individuals who participate in programs vary in terms of interests, talents, abilities and challenges. Please let us know about barriers that prevent participation. We are proud of our work with members of the community in creating exciting and successful programs. Please help us as we try to expand our ability to provide meaningful and accessible recreational opportunities for all. Your suggestions are welcomed.

"Creating Community Through People, Parks and Programs"