Mobile Home Information


The only persons Permitted to engage in mobile home set-up are those individuals who are licensed as installers in the State of South Carolina, per the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board. 


Inspection Permit


Moving Permit


Decal Registration


*Must have an approved Zoning permit

- Proof of ownership (title, bill of sale or sales agreement fro dealer)

- Copy of moving permit (if coming from another country)

- Mover-Installer sheet completed by the MH mover and installer

- All current taxes are paid in full

- Address of new location


Inspection Requirements:

- Electrical panels and underground wiring

- Plumbing (supply piping, waste & vent piping)

- Water & Sewer connection

- Underpinning with an access opening

- Landings, porches, decks, steps, rails all to code requirements

- 911 address numbers at the front door (4" letter hight)

- 911 address mailbox at the road (if greater than 50' away from the road)

- Newberry County Decal displayed in plain view (inside the mobile home)

- All mobile features removed (wheels, toungue)

- Unit is tied down for 90 mph wind resistance

- Blocking according to the manufacturers requirements

- Two off-site parking spaces


Information Required to Obtain A Manufactured Home Permit

Inspections Permit

Approved Zoning Permit

Proof of Ownership (Title, Bill of Sale or sales agreement from dealer)

Copy of Moving permit if coming from another county.

Mover and Installer Sheet signed and completed by the mover and installer.

Form from Delinquent Tax Collectors Office state that all taxes are paid. This form comes from the Lisensing Department.


Moving Permit

If moving within Newberry County same requirements as for Inspections Permit

If Moving out of county - address of new location & paid tax receipt (any and all taxes the are due must be paid before a moving permit can be issued)



New placement - same information as inspections permit.

Change of ownership - proof of ownership (title, bill of sale or sales agreement from dealer.)