Currently Adopted Codes


  • Underground gas piping is not to be used as a grounding electrode. All underground gas piping will require a dielectric coupler to be installed in the system as it exits the earth and prior to entering the structure.
  • In order to comply with 2009 IECC, all plans submitted after March 1, 2010 prescriptively will require a copy of manual "3". All plans that are engineeres will require both the manual "3" and either RESCHECK or COMCHECK depending if the project is residential or commercial.

2009 IECC

2017 ICC A117.1

2015 International Residential Code

2015 International Building Code

2015 International Mechanical

2015 International Fuel & Gas Code

2015 International Energy Conservation Code

2015 Fire Code

2015 Plumbing Code

2014 National Electric Code

2015 SC Modifications (see LLR for listing of modifications) [PDF]