Poll Workers

Sign up to be a poll worker on Election Day


Who can be a poll worker? Anyone working would need to be registered to vote if 18, or at least 16 years of age, and a resident of South Carolina. Poll workers can work in the county they reside in or a neighboring county.

What does a poll worker do? Sets up and closes a polling place, assist voters with check in process and voting

Why be a poll worker? Contribute to your community, earn extra money, and get involved in the democratic process.  Many of our regular poll workers are unable to help during this pandemic due to health issues.  Will you step in a help?  Working just one election is a huge help.

When do they work? Election Day

New poll workers will be required to take an online training class, for which they will be paid $75. They will be paid $110 for working on Election Day.  Poll workers are required to complete necessary paperwork for county employment.

 Click here for online training

**You must have received your user name and password from staff to login**

Anyone interested can call our  office or complete the attached form below and email it; we will contact them on how to log into the training site prior to an election.

Click here for information about poll workers and the application to become a poll worker