County finances are under the oversight of the County Administrator. The Administrator employees a Finance Director who directly perform the duties.This person is responsible for maintaining the County's accounting and reporting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals. The Finance Director also provides analysis and financial data critical to the peak performance of departments and is also responsible for tracking disbursements of County funds as appropriated in the County budget. The integrity of the account system is maintained as assured through a system of internal controls and an annual external audit by an independent certified public auditor. View audits.

Click on the links below to view the proposed Revenues and Expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year as approved at 2nd Reading. 

FY 21-22 Revenues 2nd Reading

FY 21-22 Expenditures 2nd Reading 



  • Finance Director
    1309 College Street
    Newberry, SC 29108
    • (803) 321-2100